OktavaMod Tube Mic Modification Review

When I decided to mod my MXL 990, this video was a factor in deciding to try it out.

Michael Joly OktavaMods

Michael has been modding mics for about a decade now.  The stuff that he puts out rivals mics 10x more expensive, as our friends at the Deli Magazine show us in this video.

Skills, not gear.

Any one of these mics is good enough to cut an album with.  There will be differences in sound, but as you can hear in this video, the performance, the engineer, and the room have a much bigger impact on the final results than do the gear.

What is a Low Cut Filter For?

What is a Low Cut Filter For?

A low cut filter makes room for your bass and kick.

Your vocals, guitars, snares, and countless other instrument tracks will introduce some unnecessary frequencies into your tracks.  Using a low cut filter on those tracks will free up room for instruments whose primary frequencies are in those areas.  Your kick, bass, or low end synths won’t have to compete for space with your violins or vocals.

Your low cut filter will clean up the bottom end of your mix.

If you’re recording a 4-track demo, these unnecessary frequencies may not really be a big deal.  However, if you are recording a 24-track song, those unnecessary frequencies will start to add up, creating a nice mess to interfere with your bass getting through.  A low cut filter on all your mid and high-frequency instruments will allow your low end the headroom to really deliver its sound.