Chris Carter’s settings for The Voice finalists Bec & Sebastian’s lead vocal (sung by Bec) for their new single “Tables Turning” which has been added to rotation on Joy 94.9 radio. You can hear it here on soundcloud:


IK Multimedia EQ81 followed by Vladg’s Molot Compressor for some optical compression, then the IK Multimedia Black76 for a touch of FET to flatten out the peaks a little and then the old-fashioned Spitfish for de-essing.


FX3 is the vocal reverb and I’m using IK Multimedia’s CSR Plate (my favorite plate!). There’s also a LPF at 20kH on it using the DAW EQ.


FX4 is a left/right delay and in addition to its filters there is also a 16kHz LPF via the DAW EQ. This gives a little space and texture to the vocal; it’s subtle. It’s a super old plugin.

FX5 is the main delay which is Variety Of Sound Nasty DLAmkii followed by the IK Multimedia CSR Plate (note the mix knob). 11782437_932551713458656_4356321459040197266_o

There’s a delay throw in the verses that’s panned hard left which is FX8. It’s the DLAmkii getting completely crushed by the Cubase compressor and then the IK CSR Plate (again, note the mix knob).




Chris “Von Pimpenstein” Carter