I’ve never modded a piece of gear before.  I have soldered guitar and XLR cables, and I’m somewhat technically inclined, but I have no training whatsoever.

The MXL 990 Mod

There are a load of mods that one can do to this mic, but I’ve read that 90% of the sound is determined by the capsule, so I decided to switch out the capsule with an RK-47 from Microphone-Parts.com.  Apparently, the RK-47 is a take on the capsule from the U47 capsule, and is supposed to be extremely defined and clear, without being harsh.

Performing the actual mod on the 990

Installing it was a breeze.  The only part of the entire mod that I found challenging was the soldering of the wires to the board.  If you’re even remotely skilled with a soldering iron, you’ll probably have an easier time with it than me.

A video that I shot as I was doing it