Can a Modded MXL 990 Compare to a More Expensive Mic?

My MXL 990 Mod vs. a Blue Baby Bottle.

After I completed my mod, I ran both the MXL 990 and my Blue Baby Bottle through my Apollo Twin to compare.  While the Baby Bottle is by no means an expensive mic, it is a very nice-sounding mic indeed.  I have used it for a couple years, and know its sound very well.  I figured that I could tell what the MXL should sound like in comparison to it.

The differences that I heard.

First, there was a significant difference in output between the two mics.  The MXL had about -6db less output than the Baby Bottle, which made it a bit of a pain to set the gain for.  Once I finally got the levels pretty similar, I noticed that the Baby Bottle had a bigger bottom end in comparison to the MXL, but the MXL 990 was much more defined in the high end.

Take a listen yourself.

I did one take of the first verse of Bruce Springsteen’s “Atlantic City.”  Not the best performance of my career, but definitely works to showcase the differences between the mics.